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(19-20) Drawing Architecture I

Tutor: Riet Eeckhout
Academic year 2019-20
Engagement: Mediating Tactics

1st Master Studio Drawing Architecture I


In pursuit of drawing architecture, this studio critically looks at architecture as a figure on the ground relationship deeply entrenched in contextual site information. While we shed the burdens of Architecture as commodity formalised through programme, commercial and administrative site delineation, we investigate an architecture of expression and spatial articulation within durational experience (time).

For one semester, we dive into a spatial playing field based on instinctive site intelligence and intense site readings through the production of serial design drawings and filmic observations.  And you will find that the performative nature of such a production process propels speculative instinct and design capabilities.

In this studio, we stretch the phase of site observation with film making, drawing and model making.

The studio will be structured around lectures and individual and group tutorials. A guided process based on observed figure – ground relationships and the point of view from which we look at these relationships, its spatial tectonic, impetus, formal articulation and spatial ambiance.

In this studio, we will search for and celebrate spatial opportunities and intensify these through design.


We will work in the harbour zone North of Ghent, more specifically in the sliver where two urban programs come together: the port Industry meets small scale residential.  Both programs have their specific typology and spatial expression in their edifices and urban structure.

The uncanny ground that brings both the village and the port industry together is riddled with hidden trajectories, historical layers, textured old brick workman’s houses, meticulous industrial work rituals and workers body extensions as customised over-scaled machines and mechanic structures: a rich ground for spatial narrative, circumstantial form collisions and mutual benefits.

The exchange of forces between these opposites, their extreme functionality and customisation, could spark spatial turmoil in the no-mansland that sits in between.

We will wonder these streets and quays and scavenge opportunities we observe at either end of the scale.  This extensive site reading will be an individual, obsessive endeavour giving rise to an un-common ground for the collision between the two unrelated functions.


Master program complementary with 2nd Master Studio Drawing Architecture II (Riet Eeckhout + Mira Sanders)



Arno De Braeckeleer ‘Bezoek aan een niet fysieke plaats’



Céline Wyffels ‘RE-looking’

Re-looking, discover a place, a busy place where at that moment nothing is happening. Or you think that nothing is happening. Re look, re discover, look more closely. From a different point of view. It is not empty; a lot is happening. You find a space, a space that has always been there. Something you […]


Jonatan Urpiala ’In between: in search of the architecture between ship and shore’

  Being in and between ship and shore, is a position characterised by its relative and tensional nature. A space of transition, not intended for you to stay in but rather to pass through as it is located between two known situations. It provides no function or purpose and can therefore appear confusing, unplanned or simply […]


Margot Schurmans ‘In between mountains of minerals, seeking the interior’

  It had a mountainous horizon, almost landmarked by these foreign objects of a functional nature, an undeniable contrast is noticed. The question that had arisen challenged the positioning of the human figure. From the starting point, the term of ‘another world’ was mentioned repeatedly. Through stills, this new world tried to unfold itself. A […]


Monique Pousson ‘The Mechanical landscape’

    Film Atlas 10 minute presentation Conventional architectural and mechanical documentation function to assist a building contractor to construct a building or machine based on design intent. These documentation types have their own language that helps communicate the design intent in a clear and concise way. The language helps to communicate the design; however, […]


Alexander Kyuchukov ‘Language of movement’

  Project presentation Atlas …Since the first time we went on site, what struck me is how much movement is happening there. And it’s not just the cranes lifting huge pieces of steel or the diggers moving the sand around. Movement was happening on all scales and it was constant. The rust, the water, the […]


Benediktas Kuoras ‘Overburden’

Overburden, is used to describe a condition of having an excessive burden, but in geological terms is a material overlaying a specific layer of interest. In the process of exploration, overburden is translated into architectural language, where its double meaning becomes an embodiment of architecture in the condition of vertical confinement and excess. Project draws […]


Eva Louf ‘In between layers, searching for a landscape’

Film 1 Film 2 https://evalouf.myportfolio.com/work https://evalouf.myportfolio.com/atlas   10 minute presentation:   ‘Walking provides a different form of perception,’ (Thierry De Cordier). In between layers, analyzing the landscape gives the watcher an experiential view through a foreign landscape that can’t be recognized. This research is about discovering and analyzing the hidden landscape, by walking through it. […]


Stephan Xu ‘Designing Through the Unintended’

  Diving into the notion of the unintended interior, exploring spaces where the architectural quality of the unintended space becomes revealed. In the film, two buildings and the space in between is defined by the facade left and facade right. The principle taken, is the action of moulding the void space that sits in between, […]


Isabelle De Pauw ‘The Dynamic Space of Machinery’

Different sounds, textures, colours & movements make the harbour an inspiring place. A multitude of these elements are present in contrasting forms. What caught my eye the most, was the movement of the machinery. The many brightly colored moving machines and cranes gave this place a special dynamic.The topic of my project is therefore the […]


Etrit Besimi ‘Shape through shadow’

Atlas 10 minute presentation   project website The exact location is a physical one, but using different parts of it, merging them together into collages and creating a conceptual site and environment from it, was a process I found very fascinating for duration of this project in the Ghent harbor. Harbor – out of this world […]


Farah Abdallah ‘Eruption to connection ’

The project is primarily a getaway development that the public recognises as a green lung that is accessible by residents of Muide. The site is prolonged in Muide from the east side of the waterfront area that is located on the harbour, to the west side waterfront of the neighbourhood. It is a water to […]


Seyed Danial Sanagostar ‘Uncertain Space’

  Investigation for an intermediate space created between fragments of different objects and spaces in Muide port. The “ Uncertain space” isn’t defined by fixed borders. It can adopt itself with time, situation and functions. In fact, the “Uncertain space” inherits its specifications from surrounding spatial elements that make it. Portfolio