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Etrit Besimi ‘Shape through shadow’


10 minute presentation


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The exact location is a physical one, but using different parts of it, merging them together into collages and creating a conceptual site and environment from it, was a process I found very fascinating for duration of this project in the Ghent harbor.

Harbor – out of this world “thing”-, was always there, since day one, but I tried different concepts and methods to express that, but transformation of project with the relation of light and shadow, pushed me towards creating spaces and parts that could be transformable and useful at the same time, like for example a part of the crane machine. Being able to adapt, transform into something different and to move it from one place to another, being able to adapt with other things taken from the harbor, from ground to no ground at all, and still being useful for a purpose, kind of intrigued me to further develop the concept of defining the space for me.

I used method of collage and photo-manipulation with the special focus on black and white drawings, and focusing even more on light and shadow relationship to create those drawings and collages.

Adaptability and transformative aspects of a particular object within the site, and by creating from it a conceptual site, created a new site itself, where things now are being even further developed, and possibilities discovered to create a part of a futuristic harbor, or the harbor as I think of it and what it means to me in aspect of its spatial qualities and architectural relationships it creates between two parts.

Defining the textures in particular, by the relation of light and shadow, I think its a big indicator to help define the space, shape and the built environment.



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