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Alexander Kyuchukov ‘Language of movement’


Project presentation


…Since the first time we went on site, what struck me is how much movement is happening there. And it’s not just the cranes lifting huge pieces of steel or the diggers moving the sand around. Movement was happening on all scales and it was constant. The rust, the water, the windmills in the distance, speaking of the constant wind, the sand on the ground, always moulded in a different way by the tires of the machines. New ships would come in every time and old ships would be gone. The landscape was ever changing, no two times on site were the same. But most striking was my visit on one of the weekends when there was almost nobody there – the movement had halted. The machines and structures, built with such intention, spoke of their actions even when stationary. From then on, I was looking for a visual language that expresses these findings. To express movement in a still image, and later in structure…



A building perceived simultaneously from different points in space and different moments in time.

A building that is both moving and expresses movement while still.

A building that is forged by its movement, like the stream erodes stone and shapes it to its movement.

A building that is influenced by its environment to the extreme, to the point that they become one.

A building that exist and doesn’t at the same time, matter that is both solid and not.