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Céline Wyffels ‘RE-looking’

Re-looking, discover a place, a busy place where at that moment nothing is happening. Or you think that nothing is happening. Re look, re discover, look more closely. From a different point of view. It is not empty; a lot is happening. You find a space, a space that has always been there. Something you before simply could not see.

Research by drawing, where you discover other things. Hidden information who is ready to be found.

By extracting elements out of the context. Relook at them. Put them in a written computer program. A program that works with fixed parameters. This program makes endless new collages with those elements.

Let all the stuff run through the program until you find an interesting manifestation that triggers you. Extract the element again and play with it, turn it upside-down, 90 degrees on both sides. The next step is ready to be taken. From 2D to 3D too discover even better. Use a 3D program so you can translate it too a new dimension.

That’s it. The virtual world is founded and ready to be discovered. The narrative has begun, and it will lead you through the spaces


10 minute presentation