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Going Public

Design can be uniting, soothing, provoking, pleasing or disturbing. In times when there are so many urgent societal and environmental issues in need of systemic change, spatial design can add some crucial insights in, and contributions to these complexities. The Faculty of Architecture of KU Leuven with campuses in Ghent and Brussels, is fully aware of its place in the current global arena. It is creating and disseminating knowledge on architecture, urbanism and the architect’s possible roles in society.

The GOING PUBLIC programme of the Faculty of Architecture of the KU Leuven is highlighting the current debates in the studios, courses and research groups. By showing the work done and testing ideas in an international context, the programme brings both international discourse to the faculty and -vice versa- internal discussions to the world. It consists of a lecture series, exhibitions and publications.

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For 2023 the engagement themes are: CRAFTSMANSHIP MEDIATING TACTICS URBAN CULTURES   CRAFTSMANSHIP Tomas Ooms Curator Craftsmanship Engagement March 2021 Keywords Detail, Structure, Materiality, Drawing, Fabrication, 1:1, Tactility, Context, Process, Phenomenology, Facture, Personality. Architecture resides in the act of making From this mindset, the Craftsmanship engagement brings together a number of design studios, research projects […]


Lectures, Sofa Talks and debates

The lecture series within the Going Public programme is geared towards an international audience inside and outside the Faculty of Architecture. Therefore, most lectures are in English and have a scope that potentially reaches a wide audience. The lectures can highlight on the one hand a theme that is currently addressed in (one of) the […]



Once a year each Engagement organizes an exhibition that highlights the year theme. The exhibitions will be on either the Brussels or Ghent campus. It can be highlighting the outcome of one or several studio’s; the work of one or a few of the tutors; or a thematic exhibition with external participants (f.i. one of […]



Each year one publication will be produced with all the Engagements highlighting specific topics within the year themes. The publications will be distributed via tutors and staff but also as supplement to an architectural magazine to reach an international broad audience. The publications will involve studio work and research and represent a large part of […]



Lectures: on campus (also in Alexianenplein or Technologiecampus! Please check the programme for updates!) Exhibitions: In Brussels on the ground floor; in Ghent in the Pandgangen or in Sint-Niklaastraat. For more info please send an email to: nieuws.arch@kuleuven.be