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The lecture series within the Going Public program is geared towards an international audience inside and outside the Faculty of Architecture. Therefore, all lectures are in English and have a scope that potentially reaches a wide audience. The lectures can highlight on the one hand a theme that is currently addressed in (one of) the studios or research groups and on the other hand introduce a theme that might be relevant to address within the faculty. So the lectures form an important antenna for the faculty’s position in the international discourse. The line-up of speakers presents a wide range of backgrounds and topics both form within the discipline of architecture as well as from related fields like design, philosophy, art or anthropology.

Since we shifted the lectures from March 2020 to an online format we used the option to sometimes invite speakers from further away and reach a larger and global audience. In 2021 we foresee a combination of online and offline lectures. The lectures are accompanied with a leaflet with some extra information on the speakers created by students from the elective Curating Architecture and most of them can be revisited on the faculties Youtube channel. Next to the Thursday night lectures there will be lunch lectures and several debates organized within the Going Public Program.

The program so far:

Going Public Lecture Series 2021

10 February / Britt Baily – Agonistic Heritage in the Quest for Decolonisation

11 February / LucAs Architecture book launch

4 March / Albio Nascimento & Kathi Stertzig – Why Invent what’s already been invented?

18 March / Lennert Loos – Who will do the Job?

1 April / Arif Hassan – Karachi’s planning

19 April / Launch Publication Design in Unreal Times

22 April / Dirk Hebel – Constructing Alternatives

29 April / Disruptive experiences, architectural education in post pandemic times – debate

6 May / Geoff Goldberg – The Curvilinear in Three Dimensions

12 May / Jan Boelen – Tools for Debate

19 May / Filip Geerts

20 May / Oana Stanescu