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(22-23) Drawing Architecture


Master Thesis Studio 2022-23
Tutor: Riet Eeckhout
Campus: Brussels
Language: EN

In this Master thesis studio, we methodically enable the agency and capacity of multi-media drawing in the production of space and thoughts. Drawing Architecture refers to an action in the present progressive, architectural research through drawing, driving the unravelling process of finding. Beyond the usual representational imperatives of architectural drawing, we consider, discuss and use the architectural drawing as a site of emergence and imagination.

While the student drives the individual thesis subject and content, the studio offers a methodical substructure that is twofold:

Phase one: Thesis subject documentation.

The student explores and demarcates the field of interest and subject by means of a collaged landscape of visual triggers, architectural prose and academic literature, film fragments and visual essays, resulting in an opulent atmospheric exploration of an architectural spatial event. This collection of information phase gives resolution, direction and articulation to a developing thesis stance and sets up circumstances for an uncommon ground of unanticipated spatial encounters directing the student’s perception and conception of architecture.

The collected information is brought together and collaged in a film document, incrementally giving body to this self-initiated thesis assignment.

Phase two: the Material Condition

The students develop the depth, potential and richness of the architectural event into a thesis proposal and project book. Finding the means and methods to develop the potential of the architectural event through the production of serial design drawings, models and other relevant artefacts.

This studio forms part of the Drawing Architecture Master studios and can be taken in combination with Sem3 Master studio HYBRIDS, Aesthetics of interstice (Riet Eeckhout + Mira Sanders)

Hsing-Jen Lee _ In Search Of Lost Time _ 21-22

In Search Of Lost Time Hsing-Jen Lee project book


Sara Dimech _ Space as Protagonist _ 21-22

Space as Protagonist Sara Dimech project book


Lin Liu _ Setting The Stage _ 21-22

Setting The Stage Lin Liu Project book


LORE BERGERS _ Reflections on Depth Scale and Rhythm _ 21-22

Reflections on Depth Scale and Rhythm Lore Bergers  


ANDREAS NONNEMAN _ ex multiplicitate nihil _ 21-22

ex multiplicitate nihil Andreas Nonneman EX MULTIPLICITATE NIHIL – MULTIPLIED TO NOTHING The story of this project starts at the poles of our planet. Both the North and South Pole, the Arctic and Antarctic are places shrouded in a haze of magnitude and mystery. And while everyone knows that they are vital to our ecosystem, […]


Selen Sürmeli Thesis example 20-21 Drawing Architecture

Patterns of the Unplanned   Selen Sürmeli Patterns of the Unplanned is a journey resulting out of unplanned situations encountered in the urban fabric. Instead of discarding, it aims to reveal the potentials of perceived disorders which are created by unplanned situations in an architectural matter. By extracting unplanned situations out of the ordinary compositions […]


On time, Materiality and Identity Mark Ayoub The thesis begins by presenting a recollection of experiences and observations that the student (Marc Ayoub) had when growing up in Lebanon. He was immersed in an environment abundant in architectural ruins, which left in his subconscious the image of buildings clinging onto the remaining fragments that constituted […]


Yvanna Versyck Thesis example 20-21 Drawing Architecture

Beyond Blue Yvanna Versyck Beyond Blue is a thesis project that developed through the process of making. This intense production process explores visual information that is found on the site. It navigates and collaborates between multimedia such as cyanotype, photography, hand drawing, collage, digital drawing, and model making. This interaction enabled a close encounter with […]


Maxime Berets Thesis example 20-21 Drawing Architecture

Ghost in a Shell: the Dissection of my Memory Palace Maxime Berets