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Online lecture by DEAR HUNTER: Doing Cartopology 22/04



Faculty of Architecture GOING PUBLIC Lecture series #9
Engagement Legacy curated by Gisèle Gantois

‘Doing Cartopology’

Wednesday 22/04/2020, 17h30
Everyone is welcome to join! Registration is closed. Feel free to join the lecture via this link: https://zoom.us/j/95176998284.

This lecture is organized in tandem with Mitch Miller (lecture on 23/04) who will respond to Dear Hunters talk.

We* are cartopologists. Cartopology finds itself at the intersection of two kinds of disciplines. Those in which narrative and locality often disappear into the background (architecture & design, urban planning and cartography) and those in which the role and influence of spaciousness is minimized (ethnography and anthropology). In between these worlds, a cartopologist makes maps by means of – and during – fieldwork.
We do cartopology through our practice as Dear Hunter and we reflect, develop and share cartopological methods through the Institute of Cartopology. We will discuss both aspects of our practice.

*Marlies Vermeulen (Tielt B, 1986) and Remy Kroese (Heerlen NL, 1981) both are trained as architect and founded Dear Hunter in 2014. Next to that practice, they’re now in the process of developing the Institute of Cartopology. They also teach at several universities and architecture faculties in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Vermeulen is also conducting a joint doctoral artistic research at the Research Center for Arts, Autonomy and the Public Sphere (Zuyd Hogeschool), the University of Maastricht Faculty of Art and Social Sciences and the RWTH Aachen Faculty of Architecture.

The GOING PUBLIC program of the Faculty of Architecture is a series of lectures, exhibitions and publications organized throughout the year highlighting certain themes and topics that are important within each of the 4+1 Engagements: Urban Cultures, Mediating Tactics, Craftsmanship, Legacy and the Brussels Way.