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Interior Architecture / Our offer for international students

Mission statement

Interior Architecture is dedicated to improving our life world. We want to explore the complex relationships between people, their objects and actions in time and space. These relationships can take many shapes in a multitude of places: physical, mental, in and outside private interiors (such as a living room) but also in public places (such […] meer

Testimonials of international students

Exchange semester in Ghent by Vera Doris Hodel Last autumn we had the great chance to study interior architecture at the KU Leuven for one semester. Both of us were very excited and curious for the stay. We hoped that through this international experience we are challenged in our thinking, are able to sharpen our […] meer

How to apply?

All information on how to apply as an exchange student, the requested documents, registration dates, etc… can be found on this page. meer

Studying in Ghent

Our school, a converted monastery, is located in a green environment near the historic centre of the city. Ghent is labelled by Lonely Planet as ‘Belgium’s best kept secret’. This small town in the heart of the Flemish part of Belgium has been known as the city of free-thinkers and rebels. Today the city still […] meer

Our course offer for exchange students in Interior Architecture

The contemporary interior is constantly in the middle of things, it is in everyday life. The interior belongs to us and touches us directly. It is about the proximity of people and things that surround us in a mysterious way, make us remember, tell, mean and desire something. Interior architecture is also essential. Cities, villages […] meer