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(19-20) The Wicked Home


Promotors: Annelies De Smet, Jo Liekens, Laurens Luyten, Nel Janssens, Rachel Armstrong (Visiting Prof), Rolf Hughes (Visiting Prof)

Academic year 2019-20, semesters: 1 & 2, Ghent


Students who wish to graduate with a project that centralizes the notion of Home/(co-, in-)Habiting in their design are welcome to develop their design project within the context of the ADO THE WICKED HOME. We position THE WICKED HOME in a context where we move from an industrial to an ecological era not reducing this to simplistically greening our buildings. Exit Anthropocene! We fully take into account the liveliness of our habitats by caring – and hence designing – for and with both human and non human actors.

Graduate projects can be developed either (1) with the focus on design with theoretical underpinning or (2) with focus on theory including design-based testing.

In the graduate project environment of interior/architecture we expect that:

  • your individual project relates to this ADO environment (its questions, challenges and pedagogical project);
  • you create an individual project definition, within a collective framework of thoughts and actions, that articulates your type of practice, project, program, scale, output and public;
  • your individual project expands your existing toolsets for the practice of architectural design through experiment and prototyping;
  • your individual project reflects and pre-flects potentialities for future practices of interior-/architecture;
  • you engage in peer- and self-evaluation based on collectively supported and defined criteria while being guided by the ADO initiators.

In the ADO THE WICKED HOME we choose to make one collective ‘reflectienota’ with individual contributions. Each graduating student makes an individual contribution within a predefined number of pages (text and image). This individual contribution presents and discusses the design proposition that the student developed as a response to the general design hypothesis regarding THE WICKED HOME.

Read the full booklet and presentation here.