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The knowledge city

Supervisor(s) Erik Van Daele
Campus Ghent
Language EN/NL
Studio or individual? Studio


Description of the project: 

In the frame of 600 ha KUL we examine the way knowledge, education and research influences the urban fabric and the urban landscape. This research goes beyond the university. KUL St Lucas has a broad perspective on education ranging from higher education, secondary art schools to primary schools in Brussels. It is an ideal frame to research by design the impact of knowledge on the urban constellation. We do not limit ourselves to educational programs: how do student accommodations form the city, what are the (micro)landscape in different educational institutions and how do they complement the open space structure of the city, how can the educational programs become public or collective spaces… There are many questions that go beyond the university and form.


Expected output: 

The studio will work as one research team with individual accents in the form of individual projects.

  • Project that explain the analysis of the knowledge structure and their dialogue with the city
  • A reflection note based on a bibliography that will be provided in November.
  • A model on a 1/500 scale forming a growing map. That is a confrontation of the different studioprojects in one model.


Study trip? (+ timing): 

We could visit different campuses in France

  • Saclay near Paris
  • Portes des alpes near Lyon

To be determined in group.


References/Further reading:  

Will be provided in November

Image: Statue garden in Ghent. A collective/public space in the city centre