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(22-23) The Ill-tempered Home

The Ill-tempered Home

The ill-tempered home refers to the microclimate of the home. These climates rather than being effected by the weather or the seasons are increasingly defined by human intervention and the built material environment. The interior of the home has become more and more sealed off from the outside and technologically controlled. This has largely been driven by normalized notions of comfort, as well as more recently by standardized definitions of sustainable architecture.

Departing from the private home environment this studio will take a detailed look at how the climatic environment of the home is defined and created and critically examine the role architectural design plays.

By focussing on the microclimate of the home, an ecological architectural project will be developed, looking for alternatives to conventional practices, intervening on the architectural, as well as the neighborhood level. Through means of observation, documentation, analysis, design and ultimately representation the project seeks to inform architecture through the global historical processes that shape our environment.

This studio approaches the question of architecture and ecology beyond a technical narrowing of the topic. It considers this question rather from a cultural perspective and examines design, organizational and material processes as well as their connection to specific forms of life. It concerns the interplay of various design tasks, including those relating to building materials and construction, going beyond the primarily visual, and connecting with the domain of sensual experiences and bodily practices, as well as the social and the societal.

Tutor: Lars Fischer

Campus Sint-Lucas Ghent

photo credit: Bertrand Cavalier