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Astrid Steegmans in Spain

Astrid Steegmans in front of Casa Batllo on Pg. de Gracia in Barcelona

Astrid Steegmans is currently enrolled in the BA program in Interior Architecture.

Two weeks ago she left Ghent to participate in the Erasmus Exchange Program in ELISAVA in Barcelona. We asked her to tell something about her new experience there. This is what she wrote:

“As a third year interior architecture student, I got the chance to participate in an Erasmus exchange program.

I consider myself very lucky that I was presented with the opportunity to study in Barcelona, one of the most fascinating cities in Europe. I will be studying at the ELISAVA. It is a private school specialized in design and engineering and is located in the historical center of Barcelona on La Rambla, one of the most famous streets in the city.

I have always been very happy in Ghent; I have obtained great knowledge and made some major development over a short period of time during my studies at Campus Sint-Lucas (LUCA) but I was also ready for a new international adventure by means of a one-year exchange to a city that I’m about to fall in love with. 

As subject of my studies I have chosen ‘interior space design’. My expectations are quite high since I only hear promising things about my new school. Of course I am sure that apart from providing me with the required knowledge, it will also give me the opportunity to see different ways of working and living enriching experiences. But I really hope that afterwards, I will be able to feel, smell and taste the architectural approach of design.

Eventually, interior architecture is like having the best of both worlds. It is the perfect combination between the great domains of architecture and design.”

Keep us updated, Astrid!

Te deseamos mucha suerte en esta aventura! Un saludo desde aquí!

To find out more about the ELISAVA school, visit: http://www.elisava.net/en


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