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Tereza Šírerová: Learning through Amusement, A Manifesto

I speak for no one just myself as I do not need to convince. I appeal to no one to follow me. Let everyone practices in his own direction. Perhaps just inspire to settle and think.

We live in uncertain times. An old world is failing, a new one is required. What are the actual contemporary challenges? We need to know. To predict the challenges of the future. Capitalist civilization is at the end of all strengths. We have everything, we love nothing. We can everything, but we do nothing. Is climate change the greatest challenge our civilization has ever faced? Or is it the society of apathy? We must wake up and act. Sustainability is not enough.

A new era awaits us. In the phase of transformation, the position of the artist can be nothing just revolutionary. ‘Art is intended to prepare and announce a future world: today it is modeling possible universes.’9 This is the time for the rebellious soul. To revolt against all which is contaminated and devaluated by time. We need to meet the greatest challenges of our time with stubborn optimism and imagine our next step. Dreaming is an effort. Imagining the future, we are building, is our work.

I believe the greatest era that humankind has ever experienced is coming. But how does it look like? Is it innovative or rather returns to the roots? High-tech or no-tech? Local or global? I rather choose ‘both…and’ versus ‘either…or’. The main value is to regain lost balance.

Now we have to set an order into the chaos – infinite, shapeless, and constantly changing world. It requires persistence and humanity, resilience, and courage. To do what is right, not what is easy. ‘It starts with listening to voices unheard and recognizing potential where others see despair.’Breaks through stereotype and challenges the narrative with a radical idea to create hope. We want our world free from despair.

Future is an interdisciplinary project. We must work together among diverse communities to formulate a common good. Catalyze collaboration where now distrust and suspicion prevail. Share knowledge across the borders of privilege. Support human dignity, mutual respect, and tolerance. Free individual expression from the chains of uniformity. Elevate critical thinking from the swamp of obedience. Unveil the curiosity hidden behind a curtain of responsibility.

Educational architecture is a field for such a social experiment. The learning environment becomes a catalyst for change, the base for revolution. That is where we have to start. Fight the education monoculture killing individuality. Destroy the rigid hierarchy. Step out towards the future World. Raise today’s youth to become the rightful leaders of tomorrow.

Learning through Amusement, A Manifesto