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Pooja Thoria: Atmosphere is Calibrated

The proposal reflects the intention of calibrating the atmosphere to escalate the collectiveness of the space. It presents the manipulation of the atmosphere through the changing of spatial elements of the structure. The atmosphere is staged through objective arrangements only, however, atmosphere is manifested through human interactions with the spatial elements and the surrounding. For Bohme atmospheres result not only from the interaction of objects and non-material factors but also from persons.

The users will appropriate the space through activities which will have an impact on the atmosphere. The use is commanded through spatial configuration of the space. The elevated plane provides an opportunity to the users to conduct various activities at the same time. It also provides a stage for the users to become part of the activities taking place on the ground which will change the atmosphere of the space.

Experience is defined as something that happens to you or affects how you feel[34] For an experience to take place, it needs to have the experiencer and the object that is being experienced. Person/people governs the experience of a place. Collective experience occurs not only on the account of the technicality of the space but also the presence of other people which indirectly contributes in the formation of sense of community. It is important for people to be present in a place in order to evoke collectiveness. For example, the presence of people on the elevated plane, just leaning on the railings and watching, the continuous sound of walking produced from the wooden panels, the movement through steps being hindered by people’s interaction, the passage below the plane being converted into an exhibiting space for groceries which generates encounters with object and other people.

Collective experience is a result of manifestation of the subject and the object. Perhaps it is necessary to realise atmosphere cannot be calibrated just through spatial components. These components are just part of the whole process of collective experience of space/ structure. They produce a base for these activities to take place which contributes in the experiential quality of the space. As Teresa Brennan claims by sharing the same atmosphere, a transmission of affect of mood takes place which affects the experience of the space.

Atmosphere is Calibrated