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(21-22) Restart

21-22, Sem 2, Ghent.
Tutor: Steven Schenk
Language: EN


“Because, in reality, the crisis we just experienced was waking from a dream, a confrontation with the actual reality of human life, which is that we are a collection of fragile beings taking care of one another, and that those who do the lion’s share of this care work that keeps us alive are overtaxed, underpaid, and daily humiliated, and that a very large proportion of the population don’t do anything at all but spin fantasies, extract rents, and generally get in the way of those who are making, fixing, moving, and transporting things, or tending to the needs of other living beings. It is imperative that we not slip back into a reality where all this makes some sort of inexplicable sense, the way senseless things so often do in dreams.“

This studio investigates the modalities on how to create dreams. It wishes to challenge the potential of architecture.
It aims at the reworking of a mental landscape that combines the origins of architecture with the potential of what architecture should be nowadays.
we wish to challenge architectural production.
It wishes to reveal unspoken elements of architecture and put them into an ethical framework. What should architecture be and where does it begin?
for the sake of aiming towards a broader, fairer, and finer sense of possibility
in the imagining and understanding of architectural artefacts.
How does architecture stay alive within an ethical framework?

In doing so, the aim is to address a deeper, coherent sensibility beyond cultural, historical, political differences.

We want to re-establishing the nature of the connections
between nature and culture—and so,

to reaccept as moderns both past and present.