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About the ‘Measuring The Mountains’ student workshop

During this 6 day workshop (from 8 till 14 October 2022), 41 students of Architecture and Interior Architecture measured the mountains, creating a reference point for the master’s trajectory in which they are involved. This workshop is conceived as a Short Blended Mobility Programme (Erasmus+) in collaboration with the KU Leuven (organising institution) and NTNU Trondheim. This initiative contributes to the ambitions of internationalisation and service learning within the educational programmes, with the intention of setting up a Blended International Programme in the future. It’s also an experiment in cross-over collaborations between Interior Architecture and Architecture within the master’s environment.

As an extension of this workshop, the participants will be working on an online publication in which student work is bundled.

Organizing team: Geir Brendeland, NTNU Trondheim (NO), Jan Dekeyser, KU Leuven (BE)*, Wim Goossens, KU Leuven (BE)*, Arnaud Hendrickx, KU Leuven (BE)*, Olav Kristofferson, NTNU Trondheim (NO), Jo Liekens, KU Leuven (BE)*, Elias Thorsdal Mølnvik, NTNU Trondheim (NO)*, Stefaan Vandelacluze, BAMM!, Copper & Light (BE), Camillo Rosset, municipality of Nus (IT), Manuela Mortara, rifugio Magia (IT)
* coaching of students during the workshop