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(21-22) On circular materials and processes - Part 1

Guide 2021-2022 MARB/MAIB14
International master in architecture – fase1 – sem1
Campus Brussels
Engagement: Craftsmanship/ The Brussels way

MARB/MAIB14 design studio ‘On circular materials and processes – PART 1’

Semester: 1
Start wee:k Presentation of studio Tuesday September 28
Studios: on Wednesday starting October 2
Reviews: Permanent evaluation, final reviews on December 22 and January 12
Credits: 15
Studio tutors: Laurens Bekemans, Catherine Mengé in cooperation with
BC architects & studies

This studio MARB / MAIB14 together with the subsequent studio MARB / MAIB24 is based on the objectives
set within the ADO (Academic design office) project ‘Designing for an uncertain future’.
Starting points and goals of this ado can be found on the website: https://adocircular.org
Students can choose for this studio without necessarily also for the follow-up studio in semester 2 ‘On circular
materials and processes-PART 2’. However, it is interesting as both studios are seen as one and the program
is designed for a complete academic year.
Three consecutive years will deal in depth with specific (circular) building materials among which earth,
natural stone, local wood, and fibres. In 2020-2021 the studio focused on ‘Earth’.
ACADEMIC YEAR 2021-2022: Minerals, natural stone and wood

Read the full studio description here (pdf)

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