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(21-22) Designing from Museumization to Hardcore Heritage

Semester 3 & 4, Campus Sint-Lucas Ghent
Language: English

Engagement: Contested LEGACY

MAIG42 Master Dissertation Studio: arCsus Lab (architecture – Culture – sustainability)

Academic supervisor: prof.dr.arch. Marc Dujardin

  1. The arCsus Lab research theme: in close cooperation with RAAAF

DESIGNING FROM MUSEUMIZATION TO HARDCORE HERITAGE: ‘Towards spatio-cultural strategies that provide handles to rethink hopeful and seemingly hopeless vacancies from the perspective of ‘contested LEGACY’


“Hardcore Heritage represents a new way of thinking about monuments and cultural heritage. Through deliberate destruction, radical changes in context, and seemingly contradictory additions, a new field of tension arises between present, past and future.” (www.RAAAF.nl)

– Read the full studio description here (pdf)
– arCsus Raaaf presentation (pdf)