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Sofa Walk: ‘POWER’ expo tour at CIVA 1/03/24

Join the POWER expo tour at CIVA (1/03/24). We will continue our search for activist architecture by scrutinizing the Power expo at CIVA and prepare for a self-guided tour in the afternoon. Students will select their favorites and failures from the exhibition and share questions, critique and dreams about the future. Next we will discuss the findings with Dennis Pohl, he is co-curator of the Power expo and new director of VAi, starting at 5 pm (Kluisstraat 55, 1050 Brussels)

The POWER exhibition deals with the politics of energy and how it translates into space and architecture. Energy infrastructures – from pipelines to the central heating at home – are shown equally as an instrument for the distribution of power. But the works at show also situate infrastructure, and architecture more specifically, as possible counterproject against power. The expo includes different scales, from the urban megalomania of Expo 58 in Brussels to the election campaign poster of the green party Ecolo, designed by cartoonists Luc and François Schuiten, and HouseEurope!, a citizens’ initiative pushing for an EU-legislation to stop demolition, initiated by Arno Brandlhuber and Olaf Grawert. Reason enough for a walkout.

Posters by Melika Baghban Anbarani