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Book launch / LucAs book #6 (21/02/24)

Join us for the book launch of ‘Lucas-Architecture book 6’ with guests Theo De Meyer, Michiel Helbig and Corneel Cannaerts.

We thank everyone who submitted projects for our 2022-23 competition ‘The Small Large selection’. A selection of this submitted work has now been collected in the new LucAs book.

The presentation (and the announcement of the winning projects) will take place on Wednesday, February 21, 2024 in Campus Sint-Lucas Brussels (ground floor).

Everyone is welcome!

‘LucAs books’ is a series of bilingual (nl/en) publications celebrating the beauty of design documents – drawings or plans, collages, renders or scale models – and the creative spirit of KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture. The books consist of a selection of beautiful, intriguing and challenging work by students of all disciplines of the Faculty.

The selected work is published along with work by architects and teachers from the Faculty, together with a series of essays. Students of the Bachelors and the Masters at the campuses Saint-Lucas Ghent and Brussels, in Architecture, Interior Architecture, the Educational Master and Urban Design and Spatial Planning, are welcome to submit their work.
In addition to choosing work for publication, the selection committee awards two prizes each year: ‘Kleine Grote LucAs Prijs’ and ‘De Grote Kleine LucAs Prijs’ for particularly inspiring work.

The book will be available for sale at our reception desks from that day onwards. (Previous editions are still available.)

*More info on the call for LucAs competion#07 can be found here.