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Expo ‘Drawing Attention’ 3rd Bachelors Architecture 19/12

“After an intensive first semester, we would like to invite everyone from this campus to our exhibition next Tuesday at 10 am.
During the OPO Positioning Barb 54, the final-year bachelors focused on architectural drawings and the power of technical tactics. The medium is the message, but certainly also the spirit of the times/context. Each group used specific technical tactics week after week to portray the theme. These visual technology tactics have been further developed to push the limits of the representation of architecture and what is communicated with it. The final work that we present to you is one spatial exhibition in order to make a certain statement about the various themes.
Your walk through this hopefully fascinating performance will start in the downstairs room next to the cafeteria.
You are welcome until 5 p.m. So if you only have a little time or you have an hour to spare, a visit can happen quickly.”

Thank you in advance and see you then,