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Lecture by Pieterjan Ginckels @ TU Wien: ‘My Little Hollein’ 15/12

Pieterjan Ginckels will be giving a lecture “My Little Hollein” at the Hochbau+Entwerfen Forschungslabor für Baukunst at TU Wien, on 15/12/23.

“Alles Ist Architektur,” said Hans, and his words+images echoed into the 21st Century. Here, highly hyperconnected duckfaces were busy painting pictures of themselves and their barely prefigured landscapes. While roaming their landscapes, the surface, both retired boomers and  blossoming snowflakes picked up the signals, but, fully self-absorbed and migrained due to visual tinnitus, understood the message in twisted ways…

Pieterjan Ginckels invites you to My Little Hollein, in which we will explore the unwitting collateral damage of Hollein’s truisms. Together, aided by cool-critical devices designed for the occasion, we will explore if, where and how we can pierce the realized renderings that we design, produce and inhabit. Alles ist Architekt? Oder?