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Sofa Talk with Nadia Casabella (1010 a+u) 25/10

Wednesday 25/10, 6pm @Campus Sint-Lucas Brussels
Moderated by Gideon Boie.

Architecture is all about land use. But have we ever questioned what is the earth? What life is in the soil? How architecture can support ecology, instead of destroying it? Next guest in the sofa-talk is Nadia Casabella. She is an architect and spatial planner, founding partner at 1010 a+u, assistant professor at ULB Faculty of Architecture La Cambre-Horta, and research fellow at the Laboratory of Urbanism, Infrastructures and Ecology – LOUISE. We will talk with Nadia Casabella about the collaborative research projects she is engaged in (Urban Nature, Super Terram, New Ruralities, and more) and recent work at the architecture office (MolenWest, Woluwe Waterland, Max Sur Senne and more).