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Workshop / Dreaming Beyond Safety: a glitch on post-safer spaces 28/08

Nowadays the term ‘safer space’ tends to uphold a near-empty meaning due to the mindless use of it. We have identified safer spaces as a necessity. But have they failed to offer us solutions to lasting problems? The bare minimum is not enough, we strive to dream beyond safety.

Laure Robenek and Manou Van den Eynde will gather on the 28th of August to invoke our avatars RenderMistress and TheEyes as guides in the land of dreamers. Alongside the participants we will question how a community can (re)imagine new futures for nightlife? We want to explore what will happen if we go beyond the refuge of safer spaces and look for ingredients essential for systemic change? Can we record or archive these dreamed realities?

During this workshop we will forage shared thoughts and novel words that will be translated in a glossary or recipe book. With these ingredients we will cook up tasty fantasies about alternative ways of caring.

‘Workshops’ should be read as a place that welcomes transformative practices, critical outlooks on expert roles and a space that challenges dominant narratives. The output and tools that are pioneered in this workshop will become new input to enrich my research. The goal is to augment traditional academic research methods by inserting and experimenting with alternative discourses and perspectives.

Monday 28 August, 2023 (9:30 – 21:30)
Contact: manou@clubaffair.be

The second of September you can join us to activate the relics of this workshop at the Affair open air festival near the canal, Aarschotsesteenweg 38, in Leuven.  https://fb.me/e/gruVVAfEC

Hope to see you there!

Manou Van den Eynde (Rendermistress)