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Sofa Talk with Johnny Leya: on Congolisation and other uses of architecture 21/04

Join us in the Sofa Talk with Johnny Leya, next Friday 21 April, 18:00. We will talk about Congolisation and other uses of architecture. And activism, of course. The setting for the sofa is the Style Congo exhibition at CIVA in Elsene. The talk is moderated by Gideon Boie and Lieven De Cauter.

Johnny Leya is co-founder of Traumnovelle, a militant faction of Belgian architects, together with Léone Drapeaud and Manuel León Fanjul.

The Sofa Talk is part of the Architecture & Activism seminar (KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture) and hosted by CIVA.

DATE Friday, March 21, 2023
HOURS 18:00
PLACE CIVA, 55 Rue de l’Hermitage/Kluisstraat  55 – Ixelles/Elsene



Faculteit Architectuur KU Leuven, Campussen Sint-Lucas