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Going Public lecture: WAYS OF TRACING PLACES: Mira Sanders & Oscar Rommens and An Vanderveken 21/03

Tuesday 21/03/2023, 17.30-19.00

Technologiecampus Gent
Auditorium J007 (J-blok)
Gebroeders De Smetstraat 1, 9000 Gent

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WAYS OF TRACING PLACES: Mira Sanders & Oscar Rommens and An Vanderveken
(Lecture in English)

– Wandering along a Limit by Mira Sanders
I think about the idea of wandering along (a) limit(s) and the ensuing question: How can you form (an) image(s) of a wandering along a limit(s)? I see this red thread as a path to follow, to question, to refer to over time and to deviate from if necessary. Through touch, sight, hearing and smell, I accumulate knowledge about what is happening now, near to (and far from) the road. On the road, I experiment with different work formulas that enable me to recompose my images/imagination in a different layout. Everything leads you to reconsider the notion of wandering and to think about its definition and its various representations.

– Walks, Bodies, Mappings and Architecture by import export Architecture (Oscar Rommens and An Vanderveken)
Under the title ‘Walks that changed the course of history’, the Borders and Territories research group has selected a number of walks which are translated into maps offering a reading of the underlying spatial processes ensuing. Within the practice of import export Architecture, the walk, the experience of navigating through a building, plays a fundamental role in the spatial and material development of multiple projects. The routing from point A to point B is not so much determined by the most optimal route, but rather by the ever-changing relationship between the ‘moving’ body, what one sees and experiences, and the built space.

Mira Sanders obtained a Master in Fine Arts from Sint-Lukas Brussels and a PhD in Arts from LUCA KU Leuven. Her oeuvre consists of video works, drawings and installations, in which a constant quest emerges for the places, people and stories they contain. Mira Sanders’ work focuses on how objects, people or events in physical spaces and on the actual terrain ‘inhabit’ place. Her visual language consists of meticulous lines, markings, borders, routes, maps, plans and drawings that describe, read spaces, and outline imaginary journeys in an attempt to surpass the limits of language.
Since 2006 she teaches in the area of LAB-O (bachelor) and explorative design studios (master) at KU Leuven, Faculty of Architecture campus Sint-Lucas Ghent/Brussels. She co-founded with prof. dr. arch. Jo Van den Berghe and prof. dr. ir. Laurens Luyten the academic design office Studio Anatomy (2012-). She is currently lecturing in LAB-O (Expression), the master studio Drawing Architecture Studio Hybrids in collaboration with dr. arch. Riet Eeckhout, the electives Cinematic Architecture with Michiel Helbig and the elective Mapping the Urban.

Oscar Rommens (1968) is an architect and lecturer at TU Delft in the Borders & Territories studio, as researcher – walker. He studied architecture at Sint-Lucas Ghent and completed a postgraduate programme Urban Design (Archeworks, Chicago USA). In 1999, the office import export Architecture was founded in Antwerp.
An Vanderveken (1969) is an interior architect, scenographer and teacher at the KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture. She studied interior architecture at Sint-Lucas Brussels and scenography at Institut del Teatre in Barcelona.
Since 2018 they have been working together on the diverse oeuvre of import export Architecure: from scenographic installations, public cultural transformations to various urban research projects on landscape, social issues and building programmes.

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