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Sofa Talk with Lien Moens and An Vanderveken 1/03

Wednesday March 1, 18:00, we will have a Sofa Talk with Lien Moens (Burobill) and An Vanderveken (Import.Export Architecture) on their joint design of the student hub Campus 1030 at Place de la Reine. Campus 1030 is a project developed by RenovaS and is a collaboration of KU Leuven Faculteit Architectuur Campus Brussel, LUCA School of Arts, la Haute Ecole Galilée and l’ISFSC, all located closely around Place de la Reine in Schaarbeek. Campus 1030 wants to strengthen student life in the city and build up engagements between students, teaching staff and the neighbourhood.

The Sofa Talk with reception happens at the bar under the palm trees in the Meurop building, Paleizenstraat 65 and is organized by the KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture, Campus Sint-Lucas Brussels.

The sofa talks are public conversations about urgent lessons in architecture organized by Gideon Boie, Patrick Moyersoen and a group of master students. Follow us on Facebook (@sintlucasarchitectuur), Instagram (@sofatalks.arch) or check https://www.blog-archkuleuven.be/?filter_category=going-public.

See you then!