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Breg Horemans: presentation and fieldwork at ‘Entangled Milieus: Co-constituting a Shared Futurity’, Nicosia

PhD Researcher and lecturer Breg Horemans (RAAD) will present his paper ‘Reading-writing alongside HALL08’ at the main event of the ‘Entangled Milieus: Co-constituting a Shared Futurity‘ conference, Nicosia, Cyprus, on 29 October 2022.

Breg will participate in fieldwork in the Lefke valley (northwest of Cyprus), in collaboration with Charis Nika (architect/researcher at UCY), Efrosyni Tsiritaki (architect/activist at Communitism, Athens, GR) and master students of UCY (University of Cyprus), from 23 till 27 October.

A performative presentation ‘Building assemblies through walking, breathing and reading-writing’ will be held at the (Building) New Perspectives through Practice-led Research¬†symposium (9-10-11 November).