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Sofa Talk with Jolein Bergers 27/10

Thursday October 27, 17:30, we will have a Sofa Talk with Jolein Bergers (KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture and BRAL) on the future of wastelands in Brussels, preservation of urban biodiversity, possibilities to integrate multispecies perspectives in urbanism and how to do all this in a co-creative way.

Please register here.

The Sofa Talk with reception takes place at the bar under the palm trees in the Meurop building, Paleizenstraat 65 and is organized by the KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture, Sint-Lucas Brussels Campus.

The Sofa Talk is a public conversation about urgent lessons in architecture organized by Gideon Boie, Patrick Moyersoen and a group of master students. Follow us on Facebook (@sintlucasarchitectuur), Instagram (@sofatalks.arch) or check https://www.blog-archkuleuven.be/?filter_category=going-public.

See you then!