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Paradigm Weekly & Architecture Library Brussels present: Post-Office BOOK CLUB 25/10


Dear book afficionado, welcome to the Post-Office BOOK CLUB! The Brussels architecture library displays a selection of books curated by a family of practitioners. The collection will be on the shelves throughout the 22-23 year, and is yours to consult. Every three weeks, we will transform the library and host a bibliophilic soirée. One of our club members takes the lead and, after having read one of the volumes, will share its hopes, fears, secrets and revelations, or:

The night’s host will give shape to the event – we might be reading together, remixing books in a workshop, or watch related films. We would be delighted to have you on board, as a guest ± reader, or a maker of soup 🙂
Our first club night will take place on Tuesday 25 October 2022. If you missed an event, look into the book’s back cover insert to find a special card. On this card, you can find this book’s other readers. You can meet up, organize another event, or read the book and add your name to the list.

Do you want to participate? Need more info? Ask our librarian, or drop a line at pieterjan.ginckels@kuleuven.be

The POBC is an initiative of Pieterjan Ginckels & Paradigm Weekly and the architecture library of KU Leuven in Brussels. A first collection of books is curated together with Miriam Rohde and Lars Fischer.

See you at the club!

On Tuesday 25 October the lazy club for tricky books holds a 1st soirée! Our host Gertjan will introduce The Nightmare of Participation1, in the library2, from 19:00 – 21:00, with drinks and food. You’re very welcome!3

1 = Miessen, Markus. The Nightmare of Participation. Berlin: Sternberg, 2010.
2 = Our library will transform into a lounge. 4th floor, Faculty of Architecture Sint-Lucas Brussels Campus, 65-67, Paleizenstraat – 1030 Brussels
3 = RSVP’s welcome. Dresscode: library-appropriate attire.