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Book presentation / Lucas-Architecture book #4 + lectures by Lennart Vandewaetere & Marius Vaneeckhoutte 24/02

Lecture Series #40

Faculty of Architecture
Engagement: Craftsmanship Curated by Tomas Ooms

Book presentation + lecture 24 February 2022, 5.30 pm

Online (link to be announced)

As in the previous academic years, this competition DE KLEINE GROTE PRIJS TANJA DE GROTE KLEINE PRIJS EUGEEN is organised in order to promote creativity in the Faculty of Architecture. Every student and teacher of the Architecture programmes of the faculty can participate by submitting a studio project.

During this event the winners of the 2020 – 21 contest will be announced and the book LucAs—Architecture book #4: The Eugeen-Tanja Selection will be presented. This publication shows the work of the winners and also a selection of other submitted projects.

Presentation by Eugeen Liebaut and Sophie Laenen and duo-lecture by Lennart Vandewaetere en Marius Vaneeckhoutte: Wissel architectuur studio.