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Carrie Cheung’s master dissertation wins second prize of the international architectural thesis competition

Prof.dr. Arch. Marc Dujardin on behalf of the arCsusLab team:

After Katarzyna (Kasia) MALINOWSKA’s international ATY 2020 thesis award (arCsus Lab 2018-2019), and Argjire KRASNIQI’s (arCsus Lab 2019-2020) master dissertation, selected for the Kosovo entry of the Venice Biennale 2021, I am pleased to share the news that yet another of my top students, Carrie Cheung, graduating from the arCsusLab design studio (2019-2020), has been honoured with international recognition for her master dissertation.

Carrie Cheung conducted her Master Dissertation track within the KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture’s Master Program, Campus Sint-Lucas Ghent (MAIG42 – 2019-2020). The particular arCsus Lab research modus, currently framed within the Faculty’s ‘Contested Legacy’ engagement, addresses various issues of the debate on sustainability approached from the perspective of “Architectural Anthropology and Designing for Spatio-Cultural Sustainability”.

As academic supervisor of her master dissertation design project within my arCsus (architecture – CULTURE – sustainability) research Lab, I am pleased to mention that Carrie delivered a highly personalized, explorative, sensitive and exceptional high quality ‘research driven’ design project. As her mentor ever since the first semester of her International Master program at our Faculty of Architecture (MAIG14), it was a true pleasure to ‘coach’ her throughout her Master Dissertation design project entitled:

IN TRANSCIENCE OF WATER: SELFSOURCING AMIDST NOISE: “Rethinking the citified sanctuary as a gateway to urban decompression and to explore the consciousness through a haptic experience of ‘water’, where ‘void’ and ‘silence’ are reintroduced to celebrate Japanese material culture in present day frenetic Tokyo from the perspective of urban ritualism and behaviorology”

From more than 350 thesis project entries from around the world, Carrie was awarded the “Second Prize” of the international ‘Mangoarchitecture’ Thesis Award 2020 Competition. This architectural thesis competition was launched “to promote, recognize, and give a global platform to showcase the talents of Architects, Interior Designers, and the design community”(source: competition poster).

Without any doubt this exceptionally high valued project will also act as ‘best practice’ and benchmark to enlighten, trigger and upscale the quality of my future master student academic design tracks.

For a pictorial overview of her master dissertation ‘work in progress’, see the arCsus Lab presentation. Her Reflection paper, and competition entry posters.