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A+289 ‘Rediscovering Craftsmanship’ with Caroline Voet, Bart Lens, Schenk Hattori and alumna Gitte Van den Bergh

A+289 Rediscovering Craftsmanship is out !

How can you further develop and adapt traditional building materials and techniques to respond to current societal challenges? What if the combination of standardisation and regulation does not lead to satisfactory results? A+289 is about Craftsmanship and highlights the way in which the architect, in collaboration with the builder, reinvents materials and techniques or gives them a second life and uses them to create architecture, with a sense of aesthetics, spatiality and taking into account the impact on the environment and context. We focus on different materials, including brick, loam and wood, but also steel, concrete and textiles.
– Projects by AE, B-ild, Baukunst – Bruther, Bel – Dhoore Vanweert, Blaf, Générale, Karbon’, Bart Lens, Schenk Hattori (Steven Schenk), Tribolet and Caroline Voet.
– Alumna Gitte Van den Bergh talks about last year’s Facture – Curating Craftsmanship online exhibition.