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Design in Unreal Times

As part of the Faculty of Architecture’s Going Public program one publication will be produced each year, with all the Engagements highlighting specific topics within the year themes. The publications will be distributed via tutors and staff but also as supplement to an architectural magazine to reach an international broad audience. The publications will involve studio work and research and represent a large part of the faculty’s community. Possibly the publication strategy will be enlarged with online formats.

Design in Unreal Times is published as a supplement to Volume Magazine #58, reflecting thoughts and practice on the Covid conditions during educating and practicing architecture. All contributions are done by (guest)tutors and students from the Faculty of Architecture.

Publication launch on 19 April 2021!
Please register via http://bit.ly/designinunrealtimes


Letter from the dean _ Dag Boutsen
Design led Innovation: Confronting the Unreal _ Rachel Armstrong
Drawing in Unreal Times _ Tinkerlab 2020
Design in Times of Disruption-Distorted Journeys _ Gisèle Gantois
Probing the New Normal _ Corneel Cannaerts & Michiel Helbig
The urge for Urgencies _ Marine Boey & Fred Meeuwens
After all: An Architectural Dialogue _ Rolf Hughes
The Bunker Bubble: Reflecting the Ureal Time _ Lidia Gasperoni
Revaluating Networks of Dispersed Territories in Times of Shock _ Sophie Leemans

Editors: Rachel Armstrong, Lilet Breddels, Gisèle Gantois, Tomas Ooms, Annelies De Smet

English copy editor: David Cross
Design: Valentijn Goethals
Print: Die Keure, Belgium
2021, 47 pages