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Archipel presents lecture by BC architects 18/02

Archipel vzw presents the new annual theme: Togetherness

“Architecture and public space have the goal of bringing people together, connecting them. Space will be crucial, with particular attention to the mixing and transition between private, public and collective space, within the overarching theme of togetherness.”

The opening lecture of Archipel’s working year is entitled Act of Building, and refers to the publication of the same name by BC Architects & Studies (Laurens Bekemans, Wes Degreef, Nicolas Coeckelberghs, Ken De Cooman). BC go beyond building purely aesthetically pleasing buildings. From an ecologically conscious optimism, they conduct thorough research into materials, invest in circular logic and stimulate co-creation. Gradually, BC tries to transform the entire construction industry.

Image BC Architects Bibliotheek in Muyinga – Burundi