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LucAs – Architecture book #3 The Eugeen-Tanja Selection

LucAs Architecture books is a series of bilingual (nl/en) publications celebrating the architecture project, and more precisely the architec­ture project of the student. The books consist of a selection of stu­dent architecture work extracted trom last year’s architecture studies at KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture, Sint Lucas Ghent and Brussels campuses.
As in the two first editions, this book is also the opportunity to invite Eugeen Liebaut to confer a specific coloration to the selection. Next to the participation in the selection process, Eugeen highlights the work of one student an one particularly inspiring and fertile studio.
More than the projects themselves, the publication positions the image, the plan, the section, the sketch, the scale model or the work document at the center of the attention. An image aften reveals more than a long discourse.

The Benefit of the Doubt

The teachers of the selected students contribute with their own work, establishing possible perspectives and resonances between students and teachers. This is curated by Steven Schenk, who was laureate in the second book.
We are looking tor the benefit of the doubt, for those moments of revolution in a design process. We want to reveal the work of the stu­dents by the uncensored exposure of these moments of doubt. They communicate the interests, the hidden mechanisms, perhaps even a methodology, and before all the recognition of a path to follow. This sheds new light on the work of the student and on the relationship between teacher and student.

Practices & the Studio

For LucAs – Architecturebook #3, text contributions explore the multiple nature of these echoes between the practices of the students and of their teachers. How does one engage the practice in the studio? How does a studio open new horizons in a running practice? How do students and teachers contaminate each other’s work? Who is teacher, who is student? Can the practice be explicitly engaged in the studio  and can the studio be located in the practice?

Each contribution has been double blind peer reviewed by two reviewers.
Information: www.architectureinpractice.eu

Sophie Laenen, Harold Fallon

Scientific Committee
The scientific committee is mainly composed of practicing architects engaged in research and/or pedagogy. Eugeen Liebaut, Sophie Laenen, Harold Fallon, Wesley Degreef, Nele Stragier, Steven Schenk, Bart Hollanders, Dirk Jaspaert.

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  • Find more info on the contest and the calls for next edition #4 here.