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Call for contributions: Elia Academy 2021

ELIA Academy 2021: An explorative bootcamp for arts education lecturers and students 

LUCA School of Arts and the Faculty of Architecture will organize the ELIA Academy 2021 in May 2021. This activity of the European League of Institutes of the Arts aims, with mainly interactive methods, to focus on the development and innovation of higher art and architecture education. It is an event where novelties and exemplary practices are shared between colleagues. That is why ELIA has recently launched a call for proposals. You can find the call here.

Being a host organization, we would of course like to share a number of our own initiatives with colleagues within the ELIA network. In this way, Dag Boutsen is making a warm appeal for proposals from the Faculty of Architecture. If you work with methods, strategies, projects,… that are in line with the theme proposed in the “Call for proposals”, do not hesitate to formulate a proposal for a presentation, workshop,…. Also encourage your colleagues. The final submission date is January 15. A 2 minute video pitch is the format here!

<The extended art student> can be approached very broadly! An important recent focus of ELIA is student participation. And that also applies to the ELIA Academy. Obviously, students (certainly from the educational bachelor’s and master’s programs, but also from other programs) can participate in the ELIA Academy. But it would be even stronger if they play an active role in the presentations, workshops, etc. proposed by us (e.g. in connection with self-organization by students, cooperation within and across disciplines / courses, …)

The conference may be held in a hybrid format. More information can be obtained from Dag Boutsen.