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Suzan Vercaempst and Behar Neziraj win honorable mentions Van Hove Award.

Congratulations to our graduates Suzan VERCAEMPST (A house for the mind) and Behar NEZIRAJ (Obscure productions – Unveiling the Stuttgart industrial image) on winning the honorable mentions of the Van Hove Award!

Also among the faculty’s nominees: Iulia ILIE (Architectures of Transition), Alonso VAN OORSCHOT (Loods 26_Productive Urban Hub), Rita ROZNAR (No-Longer / Not-yet, Temporary use tactics on vacant plots), Goele REYNDERS (Building your learning), Argjire KRASNIQI (Ruin-carnating Janjeva in Kosovo) and Raphael PAUSCHITZ (Dharmaśālā: A Significance for Ancient Modules, or: Learning from the Public Rest House)

The recording of the proclamation can be viewed here.

The UPA-BUA (Union Professionnelle d’Architectes – Beroepsunie van Architecten) has been awarding this architecture prize every year since 2015 to new graduates in architecture or engineer-architecture from all Belgian faculties awarding this diploma.