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Justin Dirkx and Frank Alonso Van Oorschot’s graduation projects submitted for Archiprix 2021.

Justin Dirkx and Frank Alonso Van Oorschot‘s graduation projects have been submitted for the Archiprix International biennial competition. Congratulations!!!

Explore the projects:

  • Justin Dirkx: MMXX Millennial Perspectives: Brussels’ Square for Millennials (Architectural Appetite, The Autonomy of the Millennial Architect and Brussels’ Square for Millennials) (tutors Hugo Vanneste and Carl Bourgeois)
  • Frank Alonso Van Oorschot: Productive Urban Hub – Loods 26 (The restoration project of the neglected Loods 26 will mean a change towards a sustainable future to ensure the lively image of a naval port with a permeable and multidisciplinary building for the education of the workers and their future residence in it) (tutor Luc Eeckhout)

With each edition Archiprix International presents a new generation of the world’s best architects, urbanists and landscape architects together with their graduation projects. All university-level training colleges around the world are invited to take part by selecting and submitting their one and only best graduation project.

An independent jury rewards the very best submissions with the Hunter Douglas Awards. The aim of the awards is to stimulate the introduction of starting, talented designers into the world of professional practice.