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Three graduation projects selected for We are the next generation

The graduation projects of Camille Vanden Avenne: De vlucht naar een veilig(e) (t)huis)’ (studio by Stefanie Everaert, Caroline Lateur & Fredie Floré), Anneleen Brandt & Sébastien Ronchetti: ‘Buenos Aires UNLOCKED’ (studio by Cecilia Chiappini) and Alexander Antonio Auris Gonzales: ‘Safe spaces for everyone’ (studio by Burak Pak and Hülya Ertaş) have been selected for We are the next generation!

This exhibition is the occasion to get to know the next generation of designers and the themes that concern them. From architecture for the future to AR in gaming and from innovative product design to stunning graphic design.

The exhibition is part of WONDER – Kortrijk Creativity Festival.

October 15, 2020 – November 15, 2020
Visit free from Wednesday to Sunday. Check the locations for the correct opening hours.