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Alumninet is history – GO CONNECT !

KU Leuven Connect is thé platform to connect the academic with the professional world.

The sooner we can fully upload this platform, the sooner we can share our academic and professional network with our students and teachers, develop an extensive most interesting internship network, become a platform for our emerging architects, urban planners and researchers, involve local practitioners and researchers to our mobility programmes. In our rapid changing professional and research practices this platform can become the ultimate game changer, towards a cross-fertilisation and dissemination of architectural intelligence!

One reason to get CONNECTED is for sure already our GOING PUBLIC program of the Faculty of Architecture where a series of lectures, exhibitions and publications organized throughout the year highlight certain themes and topics that are important within each of the 4+1 Engagements: Urban Cultures, Mediating Tactics, Craftsmanship, Legacy and The Brussels Way.

As an emerging architect or researcher you might be the next to get invited to our Going Public programme. To follow the programme please sign up to the newsletter.

Connect to this new platform by filling out your full profile via the botton below – and for sure don’t forget to add your professional URL or media links ! We like to follow your emerging practices, but also like to get in touch with you when we spot some most interesting work.

http://connect.kuleuven.cloud – your platform for a connected future

The success of this platform and our ambition with it, lays CONNECTED with the enrolment of you all.