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(22-23) A Regenerative Future for the City of Ghent

Masters dissertation studio 2022-23
Tutor: Luc Eeckhout
Campus Ghent
Language: EN

Description of the project:

This is a call for a few student teams who like to work and design together in different ways. That is why this year I am looking for several small groups of 2 or more students who dare to think together about the regenerative future of the city. We will start with various short workshops that form the basis for further research. Finally, we choose which innovative projects are needed in the city and which aspects are further elaborated, individually or in a small team.

Expected output:

We will discuss the output during the workshops. The scale of each project is free. It can be a building, a building block or part of the city. A central element is the master dissertation reflection paper. The paper is a synthesis of all your work, your research and regenerative design.

References/Further reading:

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Nature and Architecture:

Architects and designers have control over our built environment; by changing the way we design cities and buildings to connect to rather than disconnect from nature, we can change our proximity to nature and shift our physical relationship to the environment.


General explanation master dissertation 2022: https://www.dropbox.com/s/svtapyuubu2p13m/Master%20Dissertation%20Guidelines%20Mas ter%20of%20Architecture%202021-2022.pdf?dl=0

Image: Cheonggye Freeway: Three pillars left from the Cheonggye Overpass as a reminder of the stream’s past. https://www.cnu.org/whatwe-do/build-great-places/cheonggye-freeway

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