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(21-22) A-LIVE - Suburban Subway 34

A-LIVE「Accelerated – Large Infrastructure Viability Experiments」

Suburban Subway
Accelerated Large Infrastructure Viability Experiments

Tutors: Bruno Peeters and Frank Theyssen
Semester 3, Campus Sint-Lucas Ghent

See also https://www.blog-archkuleuven.be/a-live-24

Students are encouraged & assisted to proactively seek external expert advice ;
Independent data acquisition & management and its incorporation in the design process are important evaluation criteria.


Anticipating the extension of the `Red` Subway line to Qatar`s second city of Al Khor, students will develop urban-architectural proposals for Al Khor`s Subway & BRT* station at three alternative locations:

  1. Al Khor City Center
  2. Al Khor Mall
  3. Al Bayt Stadium

*Bus Rapid Transit


  1. Seamless connectivity: development of innovative public- and private/shared transport exchange design
  2. Social Geography: reading the city, develop equitable
  3. Al Khor as a Destination: Program development & urban- architectural design Transit Oriented
  4. Ecology and Blue-scape: (re)connecting the
  5. Research on innovative mobility & social equitable
  6. Data acquisition & management and pro-active design-oriented processing of external
  7. Collective dissemination A-LIVE; DELIVERY AS ONE.

Read the full studio description here (pdf)