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Surrender/Resistance _ (the) UN:ADAPTED


Surrender/Resistance _ (the) UN:ADAPTED
Tutors: Thierry Berlemont and Wim Van der Vurst

Academic year 2020-21, semester 1, Brussels
Engagement: Mediating Tactics/The Brussels Way

Key concepts: Surrender/Resistance – Exponentiality/Singularity – Adapted/Unadapted
Surrender-Resistance is a design studio centred on experiment and speculation. It proposes a moment of reorientation or re-set, and aims at a reflection on critical points of architectural interest. The core of the studio’s approach is the relation of the student with a phenomenon, problem or experience, and its associated critical points or singularities where known laws no longer apply, become extreme, or even contradictory. Surrender/Resistance invites an apprehension of issues from the perspective of extremes, of apparent contradiction, ambivalence and paradox.

This year, the half century of work and practice of Antwerp-based TOP-office/Luc Deleu will be the studio’s reference and source. The studio will engage with a selection of works, ideas and approaches of this office, drawing upon the notion of the UN:ADAPTED. It will run parallel to the exhibition ‘Future Plans’ at the Flanders Architecture Institute. The results of the master-studio will be part of a public showcase, and possibly be included in the finissage of the exhibition at deSingel.

A participation in the studio requires skills in expression, media, mixed media, techniques/technology, construction and theory of architecture. It also demands curiosity, and a genuine dedication towards learning, and the expansion of both one’s expertise and understanding. It requires an exploratory attitude, and a capacity to use design and making as primary tools. An additional aim of the studio ‘Surrender/Resistance’, is to develop a capacity to question the position of architect and architecture, in relation to trends and tendencies in society and culture. It is also an opportunity for finding new sources, and re-orient personal fields of interest or commitment towards architecture and society more in general.

Surrender/Resistance is part of the Master-Engagement ‘Mediating Tactics’, in which the discipline and practice of architecture, and the role of the architect in contemporary society, is critically questioned. This studio was conceived in close collaboration with Marc Godts.