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MILITARY LEGACY – St. Peter’s Square in Ghent


MILITARY LEGACY – St. Peter’s Square in Ghent

Tutor: Wim Oers
Engagement: Legacy

Due to the Long Peace, many military buildings and sites have no longer a ‘military’ role to play. Usually perceived as abandoned wrecks and silent witnesses of a cruel and hostile past, they still continue to excite our imagination.

Can military legacy generate sustainable projects? Can its harsh rhetoric meet the stories of a great new sustainable world? Can it invigorate the regeneration of urban fabric? Can military legacy become future legacy?

This year we investigate the potential St. Peter’s Square (Ghent) can generate for future generations. Initially, the square staged military training and parade until it lost its use to become a parking lot half a century ago.

We will not only dive into the past to learn about the successive stories the square has to tell; but we ‘simultaneously’ will look into the future to spur for compatible sustainable ideas. Our creativity sparks when we experience thought-provoking insights into both directions. Linking past to future, we make decisions and formulate our interventions.

We nurture small seeds of emerging ideas that grow on the harsh side of legacy to create new sustainable architecture for future generations. St. Peter’s Square awaits us.