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Call for Papers Practices in Research #02


The conference and lecture originally planned in March 2020 has been rescheduled for the 22nd of October.
Venue: CIVA at KANAL in Brussels

Practices in Research is a double blind peer-reviewed online publication and a research seminar for practicing architects.

The publication and the research seminar explore the ways in which these practices engage in research. Practices in Research addresses the mechanisms and the frameworks that confer consistence and coherence to an architecture practice. The contribution may explore processes at work in the practice, situate the practice amongst peers, explore a subject through the practice – and vice-versa. Practices in Research provides a support for practices to interrogate the world, and for the world to interrogate the practices in return.

The practice is thus never reduced to being the simplistic illustration of a theory. Practices in Research aims at research projects in which the practice is an essential resource, subject or modality. As such, the contributions are expected to stay in very close contact with the practice. Inversely, the research is not the presentation of a practice itself. The contributions take a step beyond the practice in the way they present, explore, reveal a question in the field of architecture.

Practices in Research also searches for creative forms of communication, questioning the traditional separation of text and image. The visual and the written narrations can relate to each other in multiple ways. Images can be more than illustrations, and text can be more than an explication. The publication will consist in a selection of contributions and will be edited after the seminar.

In Practice
In Practice is an interuniversity research group of practicing architects engaging their practice(s) at the heart of their research. In Practice explores the multiple ways in which architects can engage the professional practice in academic research and reciprocally. In Practice seeks to open a space for architecture practices in research through the development of doctoral and postdoctoral research projects, conferences, publications and educational projects.

Scientific committee
Harold Fallon (AgwA – KU Leuven)
Benoît Vandenbulcke (AgwA – U Liège)
Céline Bodart (ENSA Paris La Villette)
Cécile Chanvillard (A Practice – UCLouvain)
Asli Çiçek (Asli Çiçek – KU Leuven – U Hasselt)
Lisa De Visscher (A+ Architecture in Belgium – U Liège)
Rolf Hughes (KU Leuven)
Pauline Lefebvre (ULB)
Julie Neuwels (U Liège)
Georges Pirson (ULB)
Robin Schaeverbeke (KU Leuven)
Iwan Strauven (Bozar – ULB)
Caroline Voet (Voet De Brabandere – KU Leuven)

Organizing committee
Benoît Burquel (AgwA – ULB), Tomas Ooms (Studio Tuin & Wereld – KU Leuven), Olivier Henz (U Liège)