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Architecture and Public Goods – Online lecture Benjamin Cadranel (CEO citydev.brussels) on 7/12/20 12PM



Benjamin Cadranel is CEO of citydev.brussels, major Brussels public developper which specializes in developing mixed-use, sustainable urban projects, integrating production activities into the urban fabric, and producing affordable housing.

In this lecture, Benjamin Cadranel will introduce the policies of citydev.brussels and discuss the role of architecture in the contemporary production of public goods.


Benjamin Cadranel was born in Brussels on 12 September 1974, where he resides today. He obtained his law degree from ULB in 1998 and was a constitutional law teaching assistant from 2002 to 2012. He joined Brussels Minister-President Charles Picqué’s office in 2004, and became chef de cabinet in 2007. Since 2013, he has been the CEO of citydev.brussels.

The lecture is held in the framework of the Master Dissertation Studio So Close Far Away.

7/12/20, 12:00pm

Please register on https://bit.ly/cadranel in order to receive the lecture link.

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