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Science + Technology + Architecture: Transforming Danube – from living spaces to livable spaces

Supervisor(s) Jan Wurm
Campus BXL
Language EN
Studio or individual? individual
If individual: max number of students? 1


Description of the project

Keywords: Spatial Mediation, Systematic Design, Inter-species dialogue, Meta-eco systems, Regeneration

This individual master dissertation will develop a proposal for an architectural and artistic intervention in response to the S+T+ARTS Challenge 2024 related to the Klima Biennale Wien, Austria

The dissertation is based on the original brief, however re-focusing on a design intervention of architectural scale and experience. More information on the call can be found here: https://starts.eu/starts4waterii-residencies-call-for-artists/.

The project will be co-tutored by the LarbitsSisters, Brussels who have applied for a residency. If their residency is granted the student’s dissertation may lead to partial realization during the Klima Biennale in Vienna next year. In any case a self-organized field trip to Vienna during the studio week in Semester 1 is obligatory.

Through Research by Design the project will lead to new findings and, ultimately, to new spatial experiences and architectural expressions to shape the base for a built and living environment of the future.

The dissertation will explore new ways of learning from ecosystems that undergo human-made changes and finding ways to convey them to the public by offering a spatial experience , entangling scientific and artistic languages and ensuring their translatability. The main goal being to speculate and ultimately create new sensibilities, new responsibilities and new realities in a more than human world.


Useful Links

Klima Biennale Wien

Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem

Management (IHG)::Department of Water, Atmosphere and

Environment (WAU)::BOKU

Description of the conceptual approach and the three research


Industrialized Riverine Landscapes

Fragmented Rivers

Lost biodiversity in flowing waters


Picture: Photosynthesising flowerpots (C) LarbSisters