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Paradigm Weekly studio performance: LEAKING UNIVERSE 8/01

LEAKING UNIVERSE by Fake Dead Boogies
8 January 2021 7pm (Belgium time)

We are a collective called Fake Dead Boogies. Over the last months, we’ve become Architects Without Qualities
On 8 January 2021, we celebrate our becoming in the Leaking Universe and invite you to join us.
Slip into your BALENCIAGA Embellished Platform Clogs and walk with us in the garden of slightly neoned data-plants.
We will dance in the architects’ Little Berghain, and take a seat in our fake furry seats at the Eco-holy Sanctuary, where we soak up some Hygge Zombiism.
Don’t pass up on the Hot Algae on your way out..
*We foresee bathroom stops and gossip halls along the way*
Help us navigate our time under viral stars!

Fake Dead Boogies

* Who are we?
We are Architects Without Qualities from Paradigm Weekly, a Masters Architecture studio, taught by Pieterjan Ginckels at the KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture in Brussels. In this studio, we focus on the complex impact of contemporary visual cultures on working±being. We connect the so-called thorough practice of incremental conceptual work with the seemingly ominous but very pervasive culture of the (scroll)surface. What’s a Snowflake gotta do? http://paradigmweekly.com/PWstudio.html

* What are we about?
Losing ourselves, raising more questions than answers.
Losing ourselves in heterotopias, collecting data without qualities, we have travelled in space and time, between war zones and futuristic havens, flying in the sky and shooting our enemies. It was all about astral projection, in neon-washed interiors trying so desperately to look futuristic.
We make the invisible monster shine in all its glory and magnificence. We give it a name and a home! A home, so shiny and bright that people cannot ignore it anymore.
In this home, we find comfort in the fake furry seats and discuss the present under the neon stars of our leaking universe.
In our living room, the grey old man who despises pink fake fur is not invited.
We flirt and we play, trying to grasp something as huge as it is blurry.
Is this what it means to be Architects Without Qualities?